Semalt Islamabad Expert: Is Your E-Commerce Website Crawlable?

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) basics is a necessary prerequisite when it comes to online and digital marketing. Social media platforms have recently been the topic of discussion due to real traffic conversion and a high number of potential visitors encountered.

Michael Brown, a top expert from Semalt, assures that understanding SEO basics is of uttermost importance to grab potential users' attention and improve your e-commerce website visibility in real time.

For SEO beginners, optimizing your website for easier navigation and spiders crawling can earn you real traffic. Your online campaign does not have to be that hectic. What is search spider? This is one of the questions that have been hitting the minds of search engine optimization beginners working on making their online career fruitful.

Understanding SEO basics

When it comes to covering public relations and digital marketing, understanding the roles of bots and spiders in your ranking cannot be ignored. In marketing, search spiders and bots help to index web and blog pages. For beginners, crawlable means that search engines can easily discover the links within your website.

Search engines send developed programs such as bots and spiders to index your registry files, galleries, and web pages. Some issues make it difficult for search engines to re-visit your web pages and files. If such a scenario occurs, your top pages end up missing in the main engine's database. In the long run, your potential visitors will not be able to access your content in the search results.

Failing to manage your website can easily downfall your site. As a marketing consultant, don't let some of the search engine optimization features go untouched. Here are common mistakes executed by webmasters and marketing consultants in their SEO campaigns.

Embedding navigation links in flash files

In the past few years, Google Incorporation has been working on helping bots and spiders to index flash files. However, the project is still underway. Embedding links to flash files can really ruin your marketing career by making your site rank low in the algorithms.

Navigation links embedded within forms

Embedding links within forms is a technique that can make your converting keyword rank last in the algorithms. Filling a form to read content can be a real nuisance to some of your users. In addition, embedding links within forms makes it difficult for search engines to index your content.

Embedding navigation links in JavaScript

If your e-commerce website comprises of 230 pages, but only 180 of the pages get crawled by spiders, it means that 50 pages do not drive traffic to your website. Search engines have been having a problem when it comes to crawling links embedded in JavaScript. Embedding links on your top pages can save the day by attracting and driving traffic to your website.

Tips on how to make your site crawlable

  • Use breadcrumb or footer navigation to generate alternative links for your web pages
  • Generate and embed text links for your crucial pages
  • Optimize your site with CSS code and generate navigation elements